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2001 pro national raced super fast YZ 125 2,700

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Asking Price: 2700.00 Year Model: 2001
Sellers Username: Yzmxracer67
Location: Beaver Falls PA 15010 Condition of Item: Good
Phone: Shipping Terms: Buyer Pays
Ad Posted: Fri Oct 24, 01:54 PM Ad Expires: Runs Until Sold
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i have a 2001 Yz 125 for sale, it is in great condition, it was raced by a pro in the 2001 ama nationals for team LCR, then i bought it. It will not be available for 2-3 weeks becasue the engine is at factory yamaha getting completely redone, and after its re-done i will not ride it so it will be brand new for the buyer. Here are the extra's that are on the bike: its ported and polished, new clutch cable, fmf pipe and silencer, boyesen reeds, uni twin stage air filter, works connection frame guards, n-style graphics and seat cover, michelin tires, new chain and sprockets, n-style backrounds and numbers (#67), 909 BFB (1 1/8) bars and pad, FCR suspension, wiseco piston, ring, wrist pin bearing, polished swingarm, new back fender, front fender, fresh hinson clutches Here are the extras not on the bike. Extra fork guards, shrouds, number plates, stock pipe an silencer, pro circuit pipe, fmf pipe and silencer,many tires that are decent, and a repair manuel. This bike is awesome, e-mail me if you are interested. 2,700 or best offer. i also have multiple pairs of gear, some chest protectors a pair of blue size 9 tech 8's, 2 helmets, make offer on gear. also have some tires
Added by the Seller on Wed Nov 19, 05:27 PM:
It is now available, and i rode it once to break the engine in, and it is super super fast.
Added by the Seller on Mon May 03, 12:41 PM:
now it has a pro-curcuit pipe and silencer on it. also it has a new pirelli back tire. also another brand new top end. i will sell it for 2,350 now. call me at 724-847-4370. do not click on ask seller a question, thats my moms e-mail address. e-mail me at DirtRcr67@hotmail.com...if you are skeptical about buying a 134cc bike, for an extra $100 i have a yz 125 cylender for it too. ask or e-mail me for details.
Added by the Seller on Sat May 08, 08:38 PM:
i will sell it for 2,200 now.
Added by the Seller on Wed Jun 09, 07:01 AM:
I am also selling a 2002 yz 250. it has a brand new top end, brand new bottom end, un- bent black pro-taper bars, brand new fully re-built shock, decent chain and sprockets, fmf factory fatty pipe and shorty silencer. the forks were completely re-built, but the fork seals are starting to leak, the plastics arent great, the front fender is all scratched up, the shrouds and back fender arent scratched but they have stretch marks on them, the rear tire sucks, also the left radiator is bent in but is patched and has not leaked and it was patched in july of 03. the last problem with this bike is that the gasket where your cases go togother is bad and so is the water pump seal...i hate to see this bike go because i really wanted to fix it up. besides all them little problems, this bike runs soooooo good!!! it just needs some cosmetics and gaskets and crap like that. but the engine is pratically new. less than 1 hour on new top and bottom end!!!! so because of all the problems ill sell it for 2700, ...or make offer. e-mail me at dirtrcr67@hotmail.com. by the way, i am not the first or even second owner so i dont have the title so dont ask...thanks.
Added by the Seller on Sat Jun 12, 10:28 AM:
well, for the 250, i am fixing the case gasket and water pump seal and wheel bearings. i put swingarm decals on it, so now the only thing wrong with it is that the back tire sucks, the radiator is bent (dosent leak), and it dosent have tank/shroud graphics. but now i will sell it for 2600.
Added by the Seller on Wed Jun 16, 07:31 AM:
e-mail me at my new address, spagina767@hotmail.com
Added by the Seller on Tue Aug 24, 02:22 PM:
the 250 now has new chain and sprockets, it has graphics, a new back tire, and a new spark plug.....it has no problems at all except for the bent radiator that dosent leak!!!! i got new pics with the new stuff on the 125, i will sell it for 2000....call me at 724-847-4370, or e-mail me at spagina767@hotmail.com
Added by the Seller on Tue Dec 14, 03:56 PM:
will sell the 2001 yz 125 for 1600...no lower....i also now have a 2002 cr 125, all stock perfect condition that i will sell for 2000 or best offer.

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